Tomasz Olejnik

Dublin based, freelance photographer and filmmaker. 

Approximately 20yrs experience in photography. Member of the Dublin Photo Group “In-Focus” and 4 Creative Studio.

Started his adventure with photography when he was eighteen. After damaging many rolls of film, in time, he realized what he really wants to do in life.


2001 Diploma in Television Production

2004 Bachelor degree in Business and Economy




  • 2011 Calendar for Alopecia Support Ireland – complete photo shoot

  • Boxing Tournament for Trinity College – Personal Project

  • Poster for „Peter Pans” by 50% Male Experimental Theatre and coverage of their rehearsals for: "Seekers" & "Chemistry"

  • Miss Poland (Miss Polonia TM) – managed / produced full photo shoot for a winner of Miss Poland in Ireland 2011

  • Photo shoot for Erle Liivak

  • Project for "Brainwave" Irish Epilepsy Association (2009)

  • Twilite (the band) full photo shoot